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in the USA

IARL is an initiative launched to monitor and assess the reputation values of Italy and Italian-Americans within the United States of America.

We believe it is very important to fully understand what Italy represents with the American communication and marketing landscape. And it is equally crucial to know about the reputation and perception of the Italian American communities across the U.S.A, with the goal to support a positive image of Italy and its traditions as perceived in the United States territories.


Evaluating reputation in a multidimensional and tangible way

As research methodology we utilize the Reputation Rating patented process, which is based on a series of objective, reliable and easy to understand research and analysis developed in machine learning. The patented methodologies measures the impact of all the compliance documents and business/media intelligence results applied to the Organization through specialized protocols, evaluations, and functional datamining.

All documents and data become vectors to gain and exchange reputational assets, and they are issued and formatted within 5 operational Drivers in relation to 5 Stakeholder groups. This is how the Reputation is transformed in a measurable facts-based strategic resource that can also thrive the web sentiment analysis, instead of being driven by.

IARL bridges the gap between the online and the offline spheres and it converts data in valuable information. Furthermore, this innovative research program is able to reveal trends and data related analysis, and to become a strategic reference point for the business and the cultural communities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Every year the Italian American Reputation Lab will publish an Annual Report addressing several themes relevant to communities and Institutions.


Our patented Artificial Intelligent process transforms the reputation in a measurable facts-based strategic asset.


Every year IARL publishes its Annual Report also addressing several reputation themes relevant to communities and Institutions


IARL is a reliable reference point on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean also to combat the dissemination of false information and correlated media bias.


About us

IARL is the brainchild of We the Italians and Zwan, in collaboration with Reputation Research Inc.
We the Italians is an Italian media company dedicated to improving the knowledge and the relationship between Italy and the US.
Luckyhorn Entertainment ® is the production company that allows you to take your project overseas: films, TV series, record productions to best package your product.

The Company have a series of proprietary media outlets and communication tools: a 70,000-content website, the only archive of every Italian NPOs in the US, a daily presence in all the main social media, a monthly magazine dedicated to Italy in English, a monthly newsletter that goes to 100,000 recipients, a series of interviews and books, a weekly video and audio podcast, Ambassadors in 47 American States and 17 Italian regions.

Zwan operates from Rome with a branch in the US. The company is also the publisher of the Magazine Reputation Review and the creator of Reputation Rating, a proprietary algorithmic-based process that measures the various dimensions of the Reputation for both the Public and the Private sectors. For a decade, Zwan has been the promoter of Reputation Literacy initiatives and Research Programs analyzing how Reputation impacts the economic and cultural fabric of government agencies, institutions, businesses, and individuals. Zwan has recently established in USA Reputation Research Inc.


What we offer

Many sectors of the economy are already impacted by the projected and perceived reputation value, but most of the Organizations are unable to capitalize on their own due to lacking comprehensive tools in both the assessing and the managing aspects.

To assist the Italian American business and cultural environment, IARL offers a variety of highly strategic services tailored to specific needs, key performance indicators (KPIs), and spheres of interest.

Quality and Quantitive Research Programs

Functional Data Mining

Surveys and Assessments


Reputation Reports

Media and Business Intelligence

Reputation Management

Communication Strategies

PR & Media Engagements


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